29 May 2008

Trekkin' Down Memory Lane

Lately I have been converting my cassette tapes to MP3 format so I can pitch the tapes and rid myself of clutter. My most surprising find was several episodes of "Open House Party" circa 1990 that I taped from the radio. I used to listen to that every weekend. I didn't even really like main stream pop, but I'd listen anyway since that was the cool thing to do. I preferred alternative music and Indie bands. The tapes are chock full of New Kids on the Block (and Jonathan was always my favorite) Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Sweet Seduction, Wilson Phillips, Seal, Miami Sound Machine, Young MC, Milli Vanilli, and other bands.

When I surveyed my CD collection I also discovered I still have the very first CD I purchased...EXPOSE' "what you don't Know". (Stop Laughing)

I have actually enjoyed the CD and listening to the tapes. I am very musically oriented so many of my life memories are connected to music. I can go back in time and almost re-live sections of my life that are associated with music. But mostly from the recent audio flashback, I remember the good times of being a kid. The lack of worries. How the days seemed to last forever. How I lived to tape random crap off the radio. How Summer seemed to drag on and I couldn't wait to get back to school. Then school would start and a week or so into it, I was over it again.

I've laughed at the sheer cheesiness of most of the music I listened to in my late grade school/early high school years. I remember the acid washed jeans, how vanilla ice shaved stripes in his eyebrows, tretorns, Keds, the sky-skraper bangs, the leather studded jackets, faux rappers, the LA Gear sneakers, Hair Bands, oversized Belts, ....But there were some good bands back then... even if the music now is only good for a laugh.