13 August 2008

New Dr. Seuss Book Title

Funny Road Sign

This is a road sign I spotted not far from my house. The first time I saw it, I had to turn about because I wasn't sure I actually saw what it says. I snapped this picture, and a few weeks later saw that the post on the sign had been removed. So here is the picture. In case you need help getting the joke it reads: "Thirteen foot, seven inch Dude"..now you get it?


I've always been a bit of an Olympics junkie. I've loved watching the Olympics over the years, and watching some random athelete's dream of gold come to fruition. I also like how the Olympics tend to bring people together. For a few short weeks, people from feuding nations can come together and forget about the worldly troubles. I often see atheletes embrace each other regardless of gender, color, or ethnicity. So, I was very sad to see this picture of the Spanish Olympic Basketball team published. Supposedly they say it was all in good "fun" and not meant to be offensive. I am not Chinese, but I was offended.

Grow up. And have a little respect, Seeeeenors.