27 October 2010

Happy Hump Day!

It is Wednesday, and as the universal term proclaims: Happy Hump Day! I always assumed this was referring to getting over the mid week slump but I digress...

I bought some new running shoes yesterday! I was so excited that the pair I wanted was on SALE. Hurray for finding last year's model of shoe. Hello? I will take the soppy seconds. They are all shiny and reflective, and pink. I love them. Last time I got Saucony sneaks, and I wasn't all that thrilled. This time round I got Asics.
Tomorrow, I officially break them in with a friend for a jaunt down by the river after work. Looking forward to some good weather so I can break in my sneaks.

As far as today goes..my hump day was pretty ok. Found myself able to stay calm in some challenging situations, and actually surprised myself. That is always a plus in my book. I try to surprise myself often :)

26 October 2010

rain drops keep falling on my head..

today was one of those stormy days that makes you wanna crawl up under a blanket, and grab a novel. we've been under tornado watch most of the day and will continue through the night. the weather has been down right crazy. I'm not surprised we are having severe thunder storms with 'tornadic' activity, given the high temperatures and those northern cold fronts colliding. it happens this time of year.

Overall, today was not too shabby. Spent most of the day trying to catch up since I was out Friday and Monday. But I can't complain...friday is just round the corner :) Hope everyone else had a grand day...

25 October 2010


This weekend was one of the best I can remember. Spent the time with family from out of town, family in town, and just loved having no agenda. No schedule, no due dates, no spreadsheets, or reports. The few times I did think about work, I moved on to other thoughts quickly. We crafted, we laughed, we painted, we drew, we made jewelry, we cooked, we loved, and generally just had a ball. I didn't even get on the computer much this weekend except to look up a few things here and there. Which explains the lack of entries :)

So there you have it. I'm still riding high off my weekend. And today, being Monday I took today off as well. Saw the fam who had to drive out of town off, and am just doing small chores to get ready for my work week. But, the bonus is, only 4 days till Friday!

21 October 2010

My Blog is now re-vived

It has been a looooong time since I wrote anything here. Since I started this blog, much has happened, been forgotten, achieved, lost, wondered about, loved, lost sleep over, and in general just been. I want to go with the flow, so I want to challenge myself to write something each day. Who gives a rat's ass if anyone else reads it. Maybe it is just for me. And maybe there is someone else out there who might at the very least, garner a laugh from my clumsy plod through life. :)