27 December 2007

Christmas 2007

On the 25th I went to Gatlinburg, TN and visited my Dad. I have not spent an actual Christmas day with my dad since I was 10. We had a great time. We walked around the town, and took lots of pictures. I met his new fiancee'. Aren't they a cute couple?

We wandered around and found some little shops that were open. No easy task that was since nearly everything was closed for the Holiday. We managed to find a little brewery that was open and had a nice lunch there. After that we walked around some more and then went back to the hotel. Gatlinburg is like a european village sans snow.

There is a large cable lift that will take you to the top of the mountain where there is a ski lodge/slopes. Sometimes it gets cold enough to keep snow on the ground but mostly it is too warm for snow.

All in all, I had a very enjoyable Christmas.

16 December 2007


I spent the weekend in Atlanta. It was nice to get away. I went down and stayed with a friend and got some shopping done. I left Thursday and intended to return on Saturday. But I had so many people wanting me to do things saturday night, that I just wanetd to stay in Atlanta and relax. So..bad friend I may be but that is what I did. Besides, Saturday night it was pouring buckets, so rather than get stuck on the freeway in nasty rain, I stayed one more night and came home this morning. I've spent the day in my pajamas, and am well rested for the hectic work week that begins tomorrow. Thumbs up for mini-vacations!

23 November 2007

Happy Turkey Day

Today is Thanksgiving and I find I have much to be thankful for. I thought a lot today about how lucky I truly am. I am blessed with a job, a functioning (though sometimes temperamental) car, food in my cupboards, parents I get along with, and the list goes on....

Today I am very grateful for friends. Friends who allow you space to screw up, are honest with you when you need advice, lend a listening ear, and in general accept the fact that we all have quirks but still love you anyway . Then they stand back and watch you as you grow and learn from all that life has to offer. That is the kind of friend I also try to be.

I spent the day with several good friends today. We ate, drank, and were quite merry. (some merrier than others but those stories are best left for another blog). It was a relaxing and enjoyable day. There is something so special about Holidays. I want to have 'holidays' year round. I want to make the holiday gathering something that can be done for other than special days. Any day can be a good day to gather, share a meal, and enjoy the company that only special friends can give.