05 February 2008

Art space where are you?

My art space (aka my kitchen table) has been corrupted. Where paint brushes and pens and paper used to abound, they are all now moved aside and looking forlorn. Replacing them is my computer and many work related papers. My water cup I always use for painting has been dry for a while now. I think it misses me. Or more like I miss it.
Since I rarely do anything else at my table except art stuff, sometimes it is hard to concentrate fully on my other tasks. As I type I see my easel in my peripheral view. Across the table I see my pens and pencils and brushes poking out of their holding cups. My mind wanders to my latest project...But I'm on a deadline so there is no time to dally. Back to the grind. Maybe I will start a project this weekend. Or finish one of the ones I have started already.
I like my little nook where I paint. I have a UV light that makes my room nice and cheery. Unfortunately at the moment no cheery light will let me forget that I am still not done with my report..

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