30 January 2008

Talking 'bout some EVOO-Lotion!

I have been searching for months, make that years really, for a good moisturizer for my face. I didn't used to have such dry skin but now I really do. The rest of me is ok, but my face doesnt seem to retain moisture. I have tried all manner of thick lotions to relieve the dryness. Standard lotions don't work. Unfortunately it was after I used Bath and Body Works Body Cream on my face that I realized I also had sensitive skin. A good friend of mine uses Mary Kay and swears by it. So, I tried some of that. It says it is "hypoallergenic" but it broke me out, and I have never suffered with breakouts. I've also used the creamy vaseline cream that promises 18 hour moisturization...but that is just strange stuff also. It works, but then it seals my face so well that my face tries to sweat out the goo. I either end up wiping it off, or just leaving my shiny face alone for about 30 minutes. But the greasy feeling lingers and, petroleum can't be good for my face.

So, enter my trusty bottle of EVOO.

I pour a good bit in my palm, rub my hands together and slather my face with it. Not only is it 100% natural (which I like), but it eventually soaks in leaving my face feeling very soft. It also doesn't sting my eyes if I get some in accidentally (Though it doesn't feel particularly good. I recommend avoiding slathering your eyeballs with the oil) I can't believe I haven't been doing this all along. I have certainly eaten my fair share of olive oil over the years but haven't used it for lotion.
Olive Oil I hardly knew ye!

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