22 January 2008

RIP Heath

So I am enjoying my evening of mindless TV when I hear a snippet on the news that Heath Ledger has died. I hate to hear that, I liked him. I feel bad for the bloke. I wonder if he had some kind of genetic problem. My brother dropped dead at age 29 from a mal-formed heart valve. He was driving to work, slumped over the steering wheel, and was gone in about 30 seconds. He was here one second and gone the next. Not that I wish this on anyone, but I hope that Heath's death is natural rather than intentional.

I can't help but thinking that maybe The Hollywood curse strikes again. I've read time and time again about Hollywood starlets striving for perfection and pleasing everyone.

Perfection, my hollywood friends, is not possible. Perfection is some lofty societal ideal that torments the gifted and the plain. Too bad many don't 'get' the message before it is too late.
RIP Heath 1979-2008.

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