16 January 2008

It snowed!

I just looked out my window and discovered that it is snowing! I love snow. I love the stillness that a snowfall brings. Usually when it snows here it melts right away. Compared to other places in the US that are getting slammed with snow, we are lucky. I'll take the dusting and enjoy it while it is here.

This particular weather pattern that has brought snow is also bringing rain, so these soft piles of snow won't be around by morning.

All day the watercooler topic was "you think we'll get snowed in tonight and not have to work tomorrow?" I hate to admit I was skeptical. I kept saying it wouldn't snow and look now, mother nature proved me wrong. (Hey, I never claimed to be a meteorologist!)

Since snow is such a rarity around here, of course I had to go out and play in it. I left footprints, tossed the cat in the snow, built a snowman, and took several pictures.

My pitiful little 'slushman' such as it is. The snow is too wet to really form a shape with. It melted to ice the instant it hit my hands so my slushman is lopsided

Look Ma! Snow!

Leaving a lasting impression

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